Quantum Inc.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Changing The Canning Industry

Founded in 1999.

Quantum Inc. services the can manufacturing community with Buhrke technology and engineering solutions. Quantum continues to expand and develop, meeting the challenges of a global economy.


Quantum Inc. seeks to serve the canning industry as efficiently as possible. Through our global strategic partnerships, we are able to bring customers quality products unmatched by our competitors.


As Quantum evolves, a new list of services are available to our clients. Our company�s top engineers and technicians have designed a program to bring an unprecedented level of service to our customers.


The technology that Quantum adapts is the most innovative in the entire industry. In order to meet our customers for new and better product, our systems are built for you!


Quantum Inc.

801 Chase Ave Unit G

Elk Grove Village, Illinois




Mail address:

Phone: 847-640-1340

Fax: 847-640-1350

E-mail: service@quantumcan.com

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