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We offer wide variety of canning products that can be tailored to fit your needs. We produce Buhrke parts and have technical staff that can adapt to the system that you run. Please look thru our selection of parts, and check back because we have many new products in development. If there is a need that we can help fill, please contact our staff to find out how we can accommodate you.

Quantum conversion system deliver a quality product that is unequaled. Using a variety of Minster presses, we are able to offer configurations that use transfer bar systems as well as belt systems. Our Minster ECH125 press provides top production at 650 ends per minute

Conversion Presses

Quantum, industry leader, is happy to offer clients a reliable and efficient spray system.


Quantum lane tooling systems are the industry in customization. Our array of lane tooling solutions will allow various demands to be met at any point in time. The vast interoperability our systems have is unmatched and can only be customized by technical staff such as our own.

Lane Tooling

Quantum machines have the unique ability to easily implement various tab die sets. Our design is an industry leader in customization and interoperability. Our design and technical staff have the ability to create a tab die to meet your criteria.

Tab Dies

Product List

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Quantum offers full array of canning services. If you do not see an option here that fits your company’s need, we will readily work with you to customize the canning solution that is right for you. Contact us today!

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